Drum roll please . . . 


The winners of the 2016 St. Anthony Raffle Calendar are:


October 31st - Cynthia Gentzel


October 30th - Keith Antus


October 29th - David Ramos


October 28th - Erica Caraballo


October 27th - Tom Skeens


October 26th - Dave Sokol


October 25th - Chelsea Ibarra


October 24th - Michelle Torrens


October 23rd - Glenn Holcomb


October 22nd - Dorthy Golowenski


October 21st - Martha Kowalczyk


October 20th - Frank Rivera 


October 19th - Mary Nazario


October 18th - Karen Belcher


October 17th - Sandy Nielsen


October 16th - Stephanie Irelan


October 15th - Kim Kuhn


October 14th - Mary Evans


October 13th - Sandie Merkly


October 12th - John McMahon


October 11th - Amy Akosi


October 10th - Denise Dowell 


October 9th - Edward Zaborniak


October 8th - Drew Laurenti 


October 7th - Meridyth Boland 


October 6th - Fredrisk Truskot


October 5th - Chuck Woodrum


October 4th - Albert Maldonado


October 3rd - Louis Vida


October 2nd - Cindy Smith


October 1st - Myrian Pabon



Thank you for your support & congratulations to all the winners!